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They Told Us It’s A Bad Job Market

We Just Chose To Ignore It

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The PcCareSupport Culture

PcCareSupport provides a one of a kind career experience and opportunity. We are a young, quickly growing company with a fresh new culture. We have worked very hard to create an open and comfortable atmosphere. Here are a few of our key culture points:

Ideas Win. Not Titles: We believe strongly that each individual at PcCareSupport has great ideas. We value each person’s opinion and suggestions. We encourage our employees to participate in and help make PcCareSupport a fun, healthy, strong company.

Sales with Integrity: We believe in providing a valuable service at a competitive price. We look for employees who are skilled in solution presentations and using facts to educate our customers. We expect our employees to meet and exceed expectations through honest and straightforward selling practices.

Take Time to Celebrate: We love seeing our company and our individual teams succeed. With our continued success, we have made it a point to take time out of the month to celebrate. Whether it’s a pizza lunch, a movie night with the company, or bashing some computers up the canyon (Office Space style) we like to reward employees who go above and beyond.

Service with a smile: It may sound cheesy, but we love what we do. We hire people who want to learn new skills in the technology industry and find growth in their positions. We provide a natural environment of training and one-on-one assistance to ensure you succeed.