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FBI Moneypak Ransomware Virus Hits Hard

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FBI Ransomware falsely accuse pc owners of breaking several laws.

“Reveton” the new virus infecting computers across the US is holding thousands of computers hostage this month. The moneypak / ransom virus is will take over computers as soon as infected and will effectively lock the users out of the internet and most administrative functions. It falsely accuses pc owners indicates that the computer has been used for illegal activity and if the fine of $80 – $200 is not paid within 72 hours criminal charges will be filed.

The FBI ransomware will falsely notify users that they have broken one or several laws in the “United States Criminal Code”. The “Copyright and related rights” law (Article 1, section 8, clause 8), “Viewing or distributing prohibited pornographic content” (Article 202), and “Neglectful use of a personal computer” (article 210). It will also show the user on screen through a available web cam if attached to the computer, indicating that it is recording the user.

The FBI has been receiving dozens of complaints every day”

After thoroughly terrifying users through malicious social engineering, people may be tempted to pay the small fine (compared to a decade in prison and hundreds of thousands in potential fines). The well designed fraud instructs computer owners to purchase a MoneyPak, a prepaid credit card service provided by GreenDot. Due to MoneyPaks policies the cyber criminals can continue using these services unabated.

This is an new extension of the Citadel virus and a different rendition of Reveton. These viruses have been around since 2010 and have spread through the cyber-criminal world. With the new version of the same old proven method of stealing money through deception, the FBI has been receiving dozens of complaints every day of users infected with the virus, upset they have to pay the agency to unlock their computer.

The virus is spreading mostly through email, and can also be caught by visiting an infected website. Once someone has caught the virus it will almost instantaneously lock them out of the internet and display something like the screenshot below. Depending on where you are in the world and the version of the virus this screenshot will change slightly but the basic information and strategy stays the same.

FBI MoneyPak / Ransomware Virus Screenshot

FBI MoneyPak / Ransomware Virus Screenshot
Ukash Ransomware Virus Screenshot

Ukash Ransomware Virus Screenshot

Removing the virus immediately is the best defense to secure your computer, short of the immediate inconvenience of losing superficial access to the internet (this means internet is still accessible through safe modes), the longer the computer is infected the worse the damage will be to the operating system, applications, and potential data theft.

The hijacking of the both the internet connection and webcams suggests a high level of sophistication, as the virus can take control of system software and hardware to an extent. It is also capable of gaining root access or admin access, and effectively disabling all utilities and systems available for removal. Ultimately leaving computer owners one choice. Manually remove the virus or reinstall their operating system.

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