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Safe & Secure: How Small Business Owners Can Use Technology to Improve Security

Technology is changing the world in far more ways than most people realize. Not only does it make the exchange of information possible at lightning fast speeds, it also helps simplify and improve many of the basic functions involved in daily life. A prime example is how improvements in technology have helped small business owners make their businesses more successful, by making them more secure.

Technology Adds Physical Security 

Just a few short decades ago, small business owners could do little more than lock up each night and hope that they would not suffer a fire, a burglary or malicious vandalism through the coming night. Other than periodic law enforcement patrols, hiring expensive security personnel was the only way to keep their businesses safe. Unfortunately, this practice was not practical or affordable for most small business owners and so they continued to lock up and hope for the best.

Now, however, the use of technology in the form of inexpensive wireless security cameras offers an affordable way for even the smallest business owner to watch over their business around the clock. Using wireless technology, high quality video images are fed from the security camera to the owner’s smartphone, tablet or computer, in real time.

Technology Adds Information Security

Physical security needs are important, but today’s business owners must also be able to protect sensitive data, such as financial records and customer information. High level encryption, off-site storage, multi-level access codes and many other technological advances have made protecting this information not only possible, but affordable for even low budget businesses.

How can technology help your business become more secure?

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