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Security Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a hot debate in information technology today. Using the cloud is economical, scalable and flexible, although opponents voice privacy and security concerns as their reasons not to use cloud computing. In actuality, most small and middle-sized companies can realize the benefits of using the cloud affordably, without jeopardizing their security.

Cloud Systems Are More Secure

While companies who do not use the cloud point to a lack of security as their reasoning, cloud computing is usually more secure than systems managed at the local level. Some cloud vendors offer you multi-factor authentication, which is more secure than the older method of using user names and passwords.

Security certifications like the Federal Information Security Management Act, or FISMA, are required for many government transactions. Healthcare companies must be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These are often expensive certifications. On the other hand, cloud vendors often provide access to already-certified facilities and systems. This saves your business money.

Internet Banking

Online banking was inhibited for a time by a need for more stringent security concerns than those available at the time. Those concerns were addressed then, and now cloud computing is doing the same. Cloud computing is convenient and it will offer convenience and ease of economics, similar to financial transactions online today.

Automatic Updates in the Cloud

Many cloud computing service providers will normally make updates automatically. If this is the case with your providers, you will benefit, being offered security with cloud-based software that you don’t get with software packages you purchase yourself.

The Cloud Offers Scalability

IT plays a prominent role in today’s businesses. Using the cloud allows you to manage IT services more economically than you can now. You will get lower costs in many areas, for improved service. IT systems are secure, scalable and reliable. You will not have to worry about hiring dedicated IT staff, which is prohibitively expensive. Instead, cloud computing providers will maintain and manage your online infrastructure.

Storing in the Cloud Environment

If you do not back up files from your own computers and mobile devices, loss of files can be catastrophic. The cloud offers redundancy, so that you can retrieve files that you otherwise might have lost. You won’t have to worry about losing important information if a laptop or Smartphone is lost, damaged or stolen. As long as you have proper security in place in the cloud, your files will be safe from not only loss, but also from access by unauthorized people.

The cloud offers you more secure services for less than you could hire them for your company. Your information will be safe, and you can access it from any of your devices.



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