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Internet Speed Test

How can I test my internet speed?

If you are asking “how do I test my internet speed” you are in the right place. Our free internet speed checker is easy to use and it will tell you what your internet connection speed is. If your internet connection speed is normal or fast you may have other problems with your computer. The number one cause of slow computer internet speed is viruses, spyware, and malware. If you need a computer speed boost check out the best way to speed up computers.

What do these internet speed checker results mean?

The download speed is how fast data is sent to your computer, or in other words how fast internet pages load on your screen. The upload speed is how fast you send data to the internet, or how fast you can load pictures and other stuff onto websites. If your computers internet connection speed is within normal ranges but your computer still goes very slow, you probably need to clean your computer and optimize your pc to get faster performance online and off. Visit our computer cleaning and optimization services page for more information on how to optimize your computer.

Why is my computer slow, but my internet connection speed is normal or fast?

Millions now suffer from slow computers, and slow loading. Do not fret one more moment, thousands have discovered Pc Care Support’s computer optimization and speed booster services. We can treat all of the various computer speed issues out there. Our US based technicians are friendly and easy to work with. Don’t subject yourself to high prices, confusing conversations, and poor service that is offered by the other tech guys, and treat yourself to our affordable full service computer spa treatment. Speeding up your computer has never been so practical, boost your computers speed today!