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Remote Backup & Storage

Remote Storage & Backup

Consultation and diagnosis.
Scalable online data storage.
Unlimited online storage.
Daily automatic remote backup.
Double redundancy backup.
Easy file restoration.
Iron clad service guarantee.
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Why PcCareSupport Remote Backup & Storage?

Protecting your valuable data can be very difficult and time consuming. There are allot of home backup solutions out there, but many believe that online computer remote backup services are by far the best. Hard drive failure is the most common computer problem and if you only store your files on your computer you are in perfect shape to lose everything. Some people don’t keep anything valuable on their computers but must of us store everything from irreplaceable family photos to important financial documents.

Business and home backup solutions vary in complexity and effort. Some of them require you just plug in something periodically throughout the day to back up, but if your computer’s hard drive crashes, it can be extremely difficult to pull the backed up data off these external devices. Then you have to make sure to backup your files every day. The other methods of home backup are less than graceful, requiring plenty of technical know-how and elbow grease to get the files off your computer onto some type of data storage device. After it’s stored you have to know even more techy stuff to get your data back on your computer.

That is why we offer the best online storage remote backup service. This means that as you save files on your computer, we automatically back that file up online. Yup it is that simple, if something were to happen to your computer you can easily download everything back into it’s right place. Oh, don’t forget that you can access your files from any computer in the world, as long as you can connect to the internet. That’s what true remote backup and online storage is all about. Don’t leave yourself frustrated with complicated backups, and the fear of lost hard drive data, check out the most affordable and practical online computer backup and storage available today.

Why should I backup my hard drive data?

Hard drive Failure is a leading cause of computer crashes around the world. This is something that is completely unpredictable and can happen at any time. There are dozens of reasons a hard drive can fail. It can be a software problem, a hardware problem, and event accidents with your personal computers. Professionals backup their data frequently, and have multiple methods of backups, backups on the backups if you will. They backup so frequently because they know that their files are invaluable.

Why should I choose online backup?

There are two very convincing reasons why online storage remote backup services are the best solution for data storage and backup. First is that it is completely automated. This means that every time you turn on your computer and or save files, these files are also backup online. The second is that they are stored in multiple locations, on multiple servers. This means if for some reason the first backup is destroyed, there are backup copies of the backup. Both of these reasons mean that backup is safer and easier than it ever has been before.

Can I choose how much data I want to store?

Absolutely, our data storage is scalable. This means that you can choose various packages of online storage space, so that you can find the right package that suites your needs. If you have a massive amount of files to store, we have one of the most affordable and practical unlimited online storage service available today. Find out why our customers believe we have the best online storage and remote backup service out there.