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Why PcCareSupport’s safe browsing solution?

Protecting your family on the internet through Web safe filtering has become the most important step to protecting our children online. There are many great things on the internet, and possibly even more bad things on the internet. No matter how well you choose your words, an internet search could return results that you would have hoped to never see in your lifetime. With online predators, inappropriate websites, social media, and much more out on the internet, it is important to use Safe Browsing software to protect you and your family’s values and interests.

PC Care Support takes Web safe filtering to the next level with our new Safe Browsing software. We teach you how to set up your Safe Browsing Software to make sure that any type of website, or website that you don’t want your family to have to see can filtered before your child or family member ever see’s what is there. Your internet blocking software will proactively notify you of threating, inappropriate websites, and unsafe websites.

Rest assured as your professional computer service technician walks you through how to protect your family today with our proven Safe Browsing software. We are a U.S. based remote computer support company, and strive to provide affordable, easy to use, and practical computer support services including Web safe filtering. We feel it is important to help families that are interested in protecting themselves against inappropriate, threatening and unsafe websites and services.

Does the Safe Browsing software filter pornographic websites?

Sometimes it can be hard to know if a website has inappropriate images or content on it, your web content filtering software will notify you of website that have inappropriate content. This will help you and your family to identify websites that you would not want to visit.

Will the Safe Browsing Software show unsafe websites?

There are many websites out there that have either been infected by hackers, or are also out there to intentionally hurt you and your computer. There are also websites out there that will collect, share, and illegally use your personal information. Your Safe Browsing software will help you in the fight to protect what is important to you online. You will be instantly notified if a website is unsafe or has been reported to be unsafe to visit.

Does the Safe Browsing software block websites?

No, this type of Web safe filtering software does not actually block websites, it will help prevent you from accessing sites that have content you deem inappropriate, and will notify you of websites that are considered unsafe. This tool will also help you find websites that need to be blocked with website blocking software. We hope that our Safe Browsing software will help you and your family in the fight against websites that try to harm and websites with content that is inappropriate.