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How Technology has Changed our Lives

How Technology has Changed our Lives

Steward Brand, founding member of the Global Business Network, said “once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” That statement is true, when it comes to technology. Technological advancements and innovations hit the mainstream culture with force and you either accept them or you don’t, and in so doing become part of steamroller or the road. Therefore, learning to appreciate, and accept technology for the life changing force it becomes, is wise. Read below for an example of three technologies that altered our daily lives:

DVRs, TiVo, Netflix, Red Box:
Back in the day, the invention of the television itself was revolutionary. However, decades later, the way we watched TV changed yet again. For example, if you wanted to watch a certain show or movie airing on your local television station, you had to tune in when the show was on. If you missed it, too bad. Now, you can record said shows or movies with your DVR or TiVo, and watch them at your leisure. Furthermore, if you want to have instant access to hundreds of shows and movies, you can utilize a service like Netflix.

Red Box, which gives you instant access to a wide range of movies, has taken the place of Blockbuster and Movie Gallery. In fact, it is more common today to rent a movie from Red Box, or watch it on Netflix than go to the movies. Therefore, modern technology has changed how we gain access to shows and movies and how we watch them as well.

Method or sharing and storing photos:
In years past, you took a photo with your camera, went to get the film developed and placed photos in a photo album.  Today, you rarely print photos out at all. Sure, there are still people who print out photos to frame and display at home. However, most people keep their photos on their computers or on their phones. Indecently, this makes it much easier to share photos with loved ones who live states away and it gives you the ability to instantly give Grandma a copy of the latest cute baby photo.

Speaking of phones and what they can do, we just mentioned how they can take photos, and allow you to share photos, but they do much, much more than that. When phones were first invented, their single purpose was to give users the ability to communicate with each other over a distance. Today, our smart phones are basically small handheld computers that organize our daily schedules, helps us keep up with our friends and family, ensures we stay on top of our finances, entertains us with a game, allows us to text, gives us the ability to post on social media sites and allows us to keep up with what’s going on in the world, all in addition to giving us the ability to talk to one another.

These three technologies listed above represent just a few of the many revolutionary, ground-breaking and life changing technologies that have changed our world.

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