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DNS & URL Redirect Virus Removal

DNS & URL Redirect Virus Removal

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What are DNS viruses & URL redirect viruses?

DNS and URL redirect viruses are a part of a virus family that cause your computer to go to a different website than you intend to go to. Commonly these fake websites that you are redirected to will be very convincing clones of the originals.

The purpose behind sending users to fake websites is not just to frustrate, but to convince users to purchase goods and services that are either completely fake or are legitimate services that the cyber criminals responsible for the virus will receive either sales commissions for or illegally obtain financial information from victims.

If you think you might have a DNS virus or a URL redirect virus it is important to remove it immediate as these viruses will sometimes steal private information off your computer without you even entering it into a website.

Can you remove URL redirect viruses & DNS viruses?

Yes we can thoroughly clean your computer of any URL virus or DNS virus. Once you have contact one of our virus removal specialists they will start with a completely free diagnosis to first confirm that you do have a computer infection and then the will explain how DNS virus removal and URL redirect virus removal works. After your technician has thoroughly cleaned your computer they will work on repairing and securing your computer system again.

Can you repair my computer after removing URL redirect & DNS viruses?

Yes we can comprehensively repair and restore your computer to high performance and security after DNS and URL redirect Virus Removal is complete. Viruses in this family usually will alter, corrupt, and damage various systems in your OS, software, and applications with the intent of stopping users from detecting they are infected and to stop them from removing the virus if detected.

Virus removal can be dangerous if not approached safely because DNS viruses and URL redirect viruses have made so many changes to the operating system that it can make it unstable and extremely unsecure after removal is complete. It is important to take steps to repair any damage done not only to increase productivity and improve computer performance but to insure the computer stays that way in the future.