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DNS Changer Virus

DNS Changer Virus Removal

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What does the DNSchanger Virus do?

The DNS changer virus is a Trojan virus that affects your ability to browse to the websites that you want to go to, can record and transmit personal information, and deceives users into paying for fake and legitimate services. Most users would not necessarily immediately notice that they are being affected by this virus.

When a infected computer starts to browse the internet or go to search engines and search you will see what appears to be completely normal search results or the websites that you prefer to use. These are actually cleverly disguised fake websites and fake search results. These websites are here to direct you to fake and real services that you may want to purchase in the attempt to gain sales referral revenue and gather personal financial data for the cyber criminals that had created this virus.

Can you remove the DNSchanger trojan Virus?

Yes we can thoroughly remove any viruses from your computer including the DNSchanger virus. We will start with a completely free and thorough diagnosis. Once your virus removal specialist has identified what computer viruses you do have, they will explain the steps we will take to both remove and clean the DNS changer Trojan from your computer and what steps will be taken to secure your computer after successfully removing the DNS changer virus.

Can my computer be repaired after removing the DNS changer virus?

As a part of the DNS systems in your computer being changed and damaged, there will likely be other operating system and software damage done to your computer by the DNSchanger virus. As apart of our virus removal service we will also take steps to repair and restore your operating system back to normal.

We will also help secure your computer system again through various tools and services that are available. Once your computer is cleaned of the dnschanger virus, repaired, and secured we will explain ways that you can keep your computer safe from threats like this in the future.