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Search Engine Virus

Search Engine Virus Removal

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What are search engine viruses?

Search engine viruses are a type of computer virus and malware that intentionally manipulate, break, or affect search engine use and results. There are various ways that search engines can be affected anything from not allowing you to access the search engine at all, to affecting your access of the search engines various services like mail, news, and more. One of the most common types of search engine viruses is a search redirect virus; this causes your computer to be directed to a different page than you intended to get to when clicking on search engine results.

Generally speaking search engine viruses are much more than just annoying. Most viruses in the search virus family will create security holes in your computer to install dozens of other viruses and malware, it will also record internet usage and broadcast data from your computer (like personal financial information, passwords, everything you do on your computer).

Can you remove Search Engine Viruses?

Yes, we specialize in every type of virus removal, including all search engine viruses. If you think you may have a search virus, or are definitely infected with one we can help. We start with our completely free comprehensive diagnoses. We want to make sure that we know exactly what is happening to your computer that is causing the problem, whether that be a search engine virus, other infections, or really any problem.

Once your computer problem has been properly diagnosed and we have identified what search engine virus you may have, then we will explain the search engine virus removal process. Once your computer has been completely cleaned from all web search viruses we will assist in repairing and re-securing your computer. We want your computer to work like it did the first day you bought it.

Can you repair my computer after removing a search virus?

Yes, once your computer has been thoroughly and comprehensively cleaned of the search engine virus, and any other viruses, infections, and malware that may have infected your computer we will start a rigorous repair and restoration process. Most of the geek services and virus removal services will simply remove the virus and then give your computer back.

It is common that people will start using their computers to only have it crash later that day! This is because your computer’s operating system, software, and files may still be damaged and corrupted by the search engine virus. We take steps to repair any damage done by the web search virus and help re-secure your computer as a part of your search engine virus removal service.