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Windows 7 jucheck.exe Virus

Jucheck.exe Virus Removal

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What is the Jucheck.exe Virus?

Jucheck.exe is a program used by Sun Microsystems to check and install updates to the Java program. This is a legitimate program and Java is used by millions of websites and software. The JuCheck.exe virus is an imposter that hijacks this program and uses it to install other malicious software. The Jucheck.exe virus is usually installed as a Trojan virus and masquerades as a legitimate and helpful program.

How do I know if I have caught the Jucheck.exe virus?

If you have caught the Java update Trojan then you will notice what seems to be standard notification that “Java updates are available” this will appear in the bottom right hand side of your screen with an icon in your task bar. The fake is quite convincing and the only way to identify if you have the virus is by reading whom the publisher is. If the publisher is “unknown”, chances are you’re infected, if the publisher is Sun Microsystems, you’re probably okay.

Can you remove Java Trojan viruses for me?

Yes, we specialize in all types of spyware, malware, and virus removal. Your virus removal specialist will first start with a completely free virus diagnosis. We hope to identify exactly what type of virus you may have before attempting to clean and remove the Jucheck virus from your computer. Our Jucheck.exe virus removal service is 100% guaranteed, that means if we don’t fix it, you don’t pay; it’s that simple.

Can you repair any damage done by the Jucheck.exe virus?

Yes, as part of our Java Virus removal service we include repair to your operating system, software, and data. After your computer is completely cleaned and the Jucheck.exe virus has been removed, your computer support technician will take steps to repair any damage to your computer system.