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Windows 7 Boot Sector Virus

Windows 7 Boot Sector Virus Removal

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What is a Windows 7 boot virus?

A computer virus that infects the Windows 7 boot sector is a grave threat to your computer system and personal files. The boot system is very similar to the starter system in most vehicles. Without everything working to insure your car starts you can’t get anywhere. The same goes for your Windows 7 operating system, but worse. If your computer has a virus that is affecting its ability to start, then the computer virus has gained administrative privileges.

This allows the virus to make changes to anything it would like to, that includes security and administrative systems in Windows 7, any software, and data. It can also broadcast any of your computers data to cyber-criminals. To make matters worse the boot system for Windows 7 is extremely sensitive and can lead to permanent corruption of windows making your computer entirely unusable until Windows 7 is either reinstalled or repaired. This also leaves anything stored on the computer damaged.

Can you remove boot sector viruses in Windows 7?

Yes, Boot sector, and master boot record viruses can be safely removed from the Windows 7 operating system. It commonly requires dozens of steps including; several virus cleaning programs, Windows registry editing, accessing sensitive Windows 7 administrative systems and tools, data backup, and restarts.

Due to the complexity and danger of successfully removing Windows 7 boot viruses, most prefer to have a virus removal specialist clean their computer of viruses, malware, and other infections. Our professional computer service technicians can safely and quickly remove boot sector viruses. Our US based computer support team is easy to use, and the more affordable than the other geek guys.

Can Windows 7 be repaired after removing a boot sector virus?

Yes, the Windows 7 operating system can be restored to peak performance, health, and security after successful boot virus cleaning. After an infection is removed it is common that Windows 7 will still be unsecure and unstable. This means that your computer is at a higher risk for infection than normal, and is a high risk for crashing. To repair Windows 7 after removing boot viruses, you would need to check several administrative systems and tools to insure they are functioning, if they are not you would want to take steps to restore their functions.

This is commonly approached by windows repair tools, registry repair, enabling firewalls, and reinstalling security software to secure the system. After Windows 7 has been repaired it should run as fast as it once did, and be completely secure. It is critical to repair and restore Windows 7 after an infection or you risk losing all of your personal data and days or even weeks of down time while the computer is repaired and system failure. Windows repair is included in our Virus removal package.