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Windows 7 Home Security 2011 Virus

Home Security 2011 Virus Removal

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How does the Win 7 Home Security 2011 Virus Work?

The windows 7 home security 2011 virus and malware infection is a type of malicious software known as rogue security software and fake anti-virus programs. The purpose of the infection is to deceive the infected computer victims into a few things. The first goal is to have the users purchase the full version of the fake anti-virus; once the user provides credit card info they will install another virus that further harms their computer.

Many victims have complained of small and unknown chargers occurring on their cards after that time. The second goal of the Win 7 home security virus is to install as much malware and other viruses onto the system as possible. These malicious infections will corrupt and change files, report user activity, and steal private information for the infected computers. The final goal of this virus is to hide itself so that it may never be detected and or removed.

Do you help with Windows 7 Home Security 2011 Virus Removal?

The Home security 2011 virus for Windows 7 is a rootkit type virus, this means that once installed it attempts to gain administrative access to the Windows operating system. Once it has achieved that goal it will first corrupt and disable several Windows 7 operating tools and other legitimate security and anti-virus programs. This is to limit the user’s ability to detect and or remove the malicious software infection from their computer.

After it has disabled these critical security programs, the Win 7 home security 2011 virus will install dozens of other viruses and malware to the victim’s computer. Removing the home security 2011 virus for Windows 7 can be extremely complicated and dangerous for the novice. If virus removal is not approached carefully it is likely the computer will be further damaged and infected. Our virus removal specialists will take care of this confusing and delicate process.

Can you repair Windows 7 after removing the Home Security 2011 virus?

Even for computers that are just recently infected there is likely substantial damage to the computers operating system and other software installed on the computer. It is critical to immediately repair your computer after successful Windows 7 home security 2011 virus removal.

Once the virus has been removed the computer is still compromised and unsecure. To not repair the computer immediately would most likely cause your computer to be immediately infected again. If by chance you do not obtain another infection, the Windows 7 operating system will eventually degrade and crash if it does not almost immediately after removing the home security 2011 virus.