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Windows 7 Security Alert Virus

Security Alert Virus Removal

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What is the Windows 7 security alert virus?

The security alert virus for Windows 7 is a type of rogue security software infection. Its purpose is to deceive infected computer users into either purchasing an upgraded version of the fake security software or to install several other fake anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-adware programs. These generally are actually more infections.

Once your computer has been infected by the Windows 7 Security Alert Virus, it can be near impossible to detect, and extremely difficult to remove. It is a part of a family of computer virus known as rootkits, and can gain administrative root access to computers. Once it has admin access it will corrupt, change, and destroy files, programs, and software that could potentially detect or remove the virus.

Can you help with Windows 7 security alert virus removal?

As this virus is a rootkit virus it can be extremely difficult to remove, often it will have damaged programs and the windows operating system to the point where normal anti-virus and virus removal programs cannot even scratch this virus. Virus removal can be difficult by itself, but with a level of virus like the Windows 7 security alert virus it is often best to have a professional virus removal technician diagnose and remove infections for you.

PC Care Support offers a completely free comprehensive diagnosis to insure that every type of computer infection, virus, and malicious software is identified. Once diagnosed your computer support technician will explain a plan of action to thoroughly remove the viruses from your computer. After your system has been clean, we will attempt to repair any damage to Windows 7 and other software on your computer.

Can you repair Windows 7 after Security Alert is removed?

The Windows 7 security alert virus can be devastating to the Windows 7 operating system. Often while your computer is still infected you are eventually rendered completely helpless, unable to access programs and virtually not being able to use your computer at all. That is where a professional virus removal and computer support specialist comes in handy.

We will be able to thoroughly clean your computer of viruses and malware. After virus removal is complete, we can approach a comprehensive repair and restore process, to help bring Windows 7 and your computer to peak performance, successfully recovering speed and security along the way.