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Windows 7 Security Shield Virus

Security Shield Virus Removal

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What does the windows 7 security shield virus do?

The Security Shield Virus is a Windows 7 Malicious infection. It is in a class of malware and viruses known as rogue security software. It can be downloaded through many different methods, but most commonly it is installed while visiting an infected website. Once installed it will act as a anti-malware / anti-virus / anti-spyware program, and it will indicate that the victims computer is gravely infected and needs to be repaired right away.

It will constantly encourage users to register for the paid version of this Windows 7 Security Shield, which will actually not do anything but further infect the computer. As a rootkit virus, Security shield will alter the Windows 7 operating system programs, software, and data that you have on your computer. It will decrease computer speed and performance, as it is using system resources to install other malware and further corrupt and destroy computer files.

Can you help with Windows 7 security shield virus removal?

Security shield virus removal for Windows 7 is very difficult. This is a type of virus known as a rootkit, and it will modify existing anti-virus programs and the Windows operating system itself to accomplish three things; insure it will not be detected as a virus, stop anything from removing Security shield, and further install as much malware as possible.

Our trained virus removal specialists will start with your free virus diagnostic. Once they have verified what infections your computer has caught, your computer support technician will explain steps we can take to complete clean and remove the Windows 7 security virus and other infections from your computer.

Can you repair Windows 7 after Security Shield is removed?

Considering the Security shield virus for Windows 7 is a rootkit virus, it will most likely have severely damaged the Windows operating system, software, programs, and data stored on your computer. After your virus removal technician safely cleans your computer of infections, they will then take thorough steps to repair any damage done to the Windows 7 operating system.

We hope to restore your computer to it’s peak performance and speed, as well as securing your pc and making it safe for your personal information and data again.