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Windows 7 Security Tool Virus

Security Tool Virus Removal

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What is the Windows 7 Security Center Virus?

The security tool virus for Windows 7 is a in the family of viruses known as rogue anti-virus and is also known as a rootkit virus. Rogue security software and rogue anti-virus programs disguise themselves as legitimate anti-virus software and they can be very difficult to identify as a virus or malicious program. As a rootkit type virus, once installed, the virus will go to work gaining “root access” as the administrator of the Windows 7 operating system.

Once it is has gained administrative permissions it will then disable various Windows systems and other programs in the attempt to hide itself from the users of the computer, operating system, legitimate anti-virus and security programs. This type of virus is particularly dangerous as it will not only damage the victim’s computer system but as well send the private data and usage to waiting identity thieves.

How difficult is security tool virus removal for Windows 7?

This type of rogue security software and rogue anti-virus programs can be extremely difficult to remove. As the virus has administrative access the program will corrupt normal anti-virus programs to the point they cannot detect or remove the virus what so ever. It commonly requires a combination of many different anti-virus and security software, and dozens of steps to successfully remove the Windows 7 security tool virus.

Removing the security tool virus is very dangers as the virus will attempt to protect itself and or destroy as many files on the computer before it is caught and removed from the system. It is important to have an experienced virus removal specialist attempt removal or it could risk the loss of all data on your computer.

Can you repair Windows 7 after the Security tool virus is removed?

The Windows 7 security tool virus will likely cause severe damage to the windows operating system and various programs on your computer. Once the virus is removed, your operating system will need to be repaired to insure that it is stable and safe again. Knowing where and how to repair Windows can be very difficult and confusing as it requires accessing the windows registry and expert level knowledge to successfully restore windows to a healthy state. Our professional computer support technicians will attempt a complete repair of your OS and other programs that may have been damaged by the Windows 7 security tool virus.