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Windows 7 System Tool Virus

System Tool Virus Removal

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What does the windows 7 system tool virus do?

System tool 2011, SystemTool, or the Windows 7 system tool virus is an infection that appears to be a valid anti-virus program. This is not actually an anti-virus program, but it is a computer infection in the class known as rogue security software. This virus will continually both prompt virus warning pop-up alerts and instruct the user to purchase the full version of the Windows 7 System Tool software.

After purchase most people experience un-authorized charges. The System Tool virus for Windows 7 will also damage some Windows tools like task manager, registry editor, and control panel to prevent users from manually removing this software.

How does system tool virus removal for Windows 7 work?

We first start with a completely free diagnosis. It is common that along with the System Tool virus for Windows 7, your computer will be infected with multiple other types of viruses. We will thoroughly diagnose any viruses and infections in your Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system and then will explain a plan of action to completely remove and clean any infections from your computer, and then finally recover and repair any damage done to your computer by the Windows 7 system tool virus.

Can you repair damage done by the system tool virus?

Yes, we take comprehensive steps to repair your computer after the system tool virus removal for Windows 7 is complete. Infections from rogue security software generally will cause damage to many windows systems and programs on your computer, as well other infections may damage files and data on your computer in general. We attempt to recover Windows 7 back to peak performance, stability, and security.